Other ways to report a "toxic" player?


Hello ,

I had a game some days ago and reported him ,
I even made a reddit post so that ppl wouldnt just ignore people like that, but they just said "just mute him
I did that but it is a different story (for me) that ppl that are like that dont deserve any punishment.

I did 2 PlaysTV Videos about it (if inteterested)
The last 2 Video on PlaysTV are the one that i mentoined.
PlaysTV : https://plays.tv/u/BANNEp
Faceit Acc of this guy : https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Zuuu

i am literally checking everyday if that guy got banned but he isnt, there i see that the reporting system needs a change.

Just wanted to have luck here so that guy get “maybe” some sort of punishment .
Have a nice day.


Hey @BANNEp0w

Since you mentioned you are checking every day to see if he has gotten banned, I want to let you know quickly that bans for “Unsportsmanlike conduct” are not shown on players’ profiles. This is a quickmatch ban, bans that prevent people from logging in are shown :slight_smile:

The reporting system works, his FBI will get affected with more reports he receives, which causes him to receive a warning on his behaviour first.


Thanks for the answer but with this evidence ( PlaysTV Video ) will he get a warning ?
i know that alot of ppl are sometimes tiltet, but well i hope he got his warning.


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He has received a quickmatch cooldown on his account to think about his behaviour for a while :smiley: I have also created a ticket for it so you won’t have to, enjoy the rest of your day!