Organization needs help urgently



Hello guys, i’m from an Organization in Portugal, and we gonna make a tournament, but to start that we need to make two open qualifiers before. The problem is the date, we scheduled the first qualifier at 17 February of 2018… but we need to be Organizer to support more than 32 teams per qualifier, so we need some supporter urgently!

Name of Organization: SUPERLIGA CSGO – Super League Bitzer

First Qualifier:


Very Thanks!


Hey @ONeves - Please take a look at this support article:


Hi @KeT0M. We already applied for it last week. We are just pressed for time. As @ONeves already posted, we will hold the first qualifiers next February 17th and 18th.


When exactly did you apply to become an organizer?


Just last week. Wednesday, I believe.


The first qualifier is quickly reaching the top limit of 32 teams. Can you please unlock our account so we can up it?



I’ve sent this to the team, and they will take a look when they can :slight_smile:


One more question.

How can we put the semifinal in bo3? I don’t see any option to make the changes.


Please use your discord channel to get in touch with Competition Coordinators.