Old faceit site or how can i canceled beta faceit?


How can i canceled beta faceit system? I wanna play on old site =D


If you wish to opt out of the beta at this time, you should be able to change back at the bottom of your account page, found here: https://beta.faceit.com/en/settings/account


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i can’t find bottom, can u make a screen of them?


@eksssy - The picture showing where the button should be has been uploaded by @SaarFACEIT into another thread, please take a look at it:

As far as I know, some of the users cannot see this button due to them being part of beta test; therefore, they will not be able to go back to old FACEIT site at this time.


cant find the option


There is no option at the bottom of the “Phone Number”. Is there any other way to opt out of the beta?


Beta is over. There is only one FACEIT site now.