Offline player is stuck in a Hub queue


There is one guy queueing all the time in my Hub, but i know for a fact that that guy isnt even logged in to FaceIT and havent been for a while (He was using my pc and the same FaceIT client/IP last time he went online) and “he has been queuing” for like 2 weeks now.

Seems like as if FaceIT got stuck or something, and there is no way i can remove him from the queue as an admin of the hub. He is constantly hoggin’ a spot in the queue and i tried to make the hub a 1v1 hub instead of 5v5 just to see if that reset the queue, but it didnt.


you can try to kick him, its maybe not the best way but I cant think of something else.


Do you mean kick him from the hub? Sounds a bit harsh for a solution to a bug


I cant think of a better solution, maybe an admin can remove him from the queue.


I did a queue ban on him, but he’s still in the queue heh

Unfortunately there is no option to kick anyone from queues so that is out of the equation.

I banned him from the Hub and that sorted it out.

It’s still a bug tho. I’ll try to replicate it when I can.