Oceanic CS:GO Scene


Currently the Oceanic CS:GO scene is slowly being destroyed by the companies that have power over the scene. The two major competitors currently running top level Counter-Strike in Oceania are CyberGamer and ESEA (barely), with CyberGamer currently dominating the scene. This is the source of the problem within the Oceanic community and it is now recognised by many to be poorly run, destroying mid-top level Counter-Strike within Oceanic region.

This outcry from the Oceanic scene has come from the number of disgusting inconsistencies and complete disregard for any rules or regulations set previously, the corrupt control CyberGamer has over Oceanic scene is ruining Oceanic Counter-Strike.

Examples that have caused uproar and outrage within community include;
-Admins playing and administrating in the same league they are competing in.
-Rules being completely disregarded and or changed in order to favour admins and or friends.
-Inconsistencies and corruption riddled throughout moderation process of all decisions.
-Prize winnings of the last 4 seasons of competitions not being paid out, despite raking in thousands from paying users and even more from sponsors.
-Complete disregard for community and anything they have to say despite it being the foundation of the website.
-Any negative or constructive criticism or input, especially in regards to moderation process gets instantly removed as an attempt to save their already low reputation.

While this may come off as an attack or just plain bashing on the organisation CyberGamer, it is more than that, it is a plea to you FaceIt, hundreds of players if not more, within the Oceanic scene are begging and waiting for another organisation to step in and take over. I can promise you there are hundreds and hundreds of high level Counter-Strike players willing to transfer over and play FaceIt, if you started some type of ladders and leagues for competitive teams, they are more than happy to pay and back it.

The community know FaceIt has the resources, staff and professionalism to save the Oceanic Scene.


Yeah nah yeah, cg is trash. esea or faceit would be ideal. Better administration and fairer distribution of punishments. Plus faceit would make hella cash $$$.