NUmber of tournaments / matches


I do not get the way that how we can get the number of tournaments or matches in a tournament. It says all matches in a tournament however, there is a return count defined. So how can I know that what is the latest offset value? (By the way, I do not enter any offset for any items bigger than 100 but it is not logical because all item types is restricted to 100 for the offset?)


still waiting for anwers.


Hi quancore,
the pagination logic is the same across all endpoints that return a list of items, so this is an explanation that is valid globally.
There isn’t a field that told you directly the length of a list, but you can retrieve all the items using the pagination parameters ( offset and limit).
You can iterate through the list until the items returned are less than the limit you specified.
If you don’t specify these values, the defaults are