Now or never! It's time to change interface


Dear Members of Faceit,

I thank you guys for providing this superb gaming platform. However, the using experience is getting worse and worse.
For starter, matching system. Very often, we have an unfair matching. Either we won with a 16:1 or lost with a 1:16, due to incorrect ranking placement.
Secondly, as mentioned above, due to unfair matching, and people also can see everyone’s stats, in view of only 30mins ban for AFK, everyone is choosing to AFK when opponents stats much higher than ours. Therefore, we have cancelled matches 3 in row, just because people not joining - and apperently not because of connecting issue.
Thirdly, I would like to mention how hard the client interface is to use. But after all, the point 1 and 2 are severely affecting our user experience.
Here’s my advices:

  1. Update ranking system, more specified. And use more placement match to determine one’s rank.
  2. Hide all stats on matching interface. - of coz, it works better with a more accurate ranking system.
  3. Increase AFK ban time to 2 hours or 3 hours.

Zollinger, a true lover of CSGO and Faceit