Not gaining ladder points because change of ladder?


It doesn’t seem that i gain ladder points (might be because i’ve changed ladder?)

Any help appreciate thanks

Dont get my points in league?
Main game type doesn't show visually as main ladder points | Suggestion

Hey @Benya - Could you please take a look at this thread:

Please let me know if it helped.


Thanks but it doesn’t help me…

Like there is 3 that have the same name i have that one active as you can see what it doesn’t specify which is which…


@Benya - I honestly don’t know what your issue is. In the picture I can see that you have 26 points in the active event ladder. There are 3 monthly unranked ladders, because 2 of them are full.

Matches affect only the event you have active at the time of playing. If you change the event, points won’t get transferred from one ladder to another.


I don’t know what to say man… take a look as you can see my ladder points say 0…


@Benya - Apparently, the main CS:GO league displayed on your account is 5v5. When you click (See league), you get redirected to your league ladder. There’s a description explaining what the leagues are and above that there are information about the league such as:

  • name of the league (CS:GO LEAGUE EU in your case)
  • region of the league (EU region in your case)
  • name of the queue (5v5 in your case)

There are separate leagues for CS:GO 5v5 and CS:GO 5v5 PREMIUM:

  • CS:GO 5v5 games count for CS:GO 5v5 league ladder
  • CS:GO 5v5 PREMIUM games count for CS:GO 5v5 PREMIUM league ladder

If you’re using non-beta FACEIT, you can check your rank in the ladders by changing between the leagues:

If you’re using beta FACEIT, you can check your rank in the ladders by changing between matchmaking queues:

I hope this helps.


I have no idea what you mean, i only play faceit 5v5 premium league…
How do i gain points for the league ladder that are shown in my profile on the pictures?


It depends on the league which is displayed. As I said:

If you haven’t played CS:GO 5v5 placement matches, I don’t know why CS:GO 5v5 is the league displayed in the stats page. You can contact FACEIT Customer Support about this.

What matters the most is the fact you’re getting the points in the relevant league ladder.


Okey so there is a visual bug and faceit faulty setup;
Basically faceit put me in the “visual ladder” on my profile page that is for the 5v5 FREE version… here is the kicker i played 5v5 Premade Premium queue and this converts to just 5v5 free and added me to that ladder as main visual ladder. This is obviously fault for faceit to fix, not just due to the fact that i played in a premium queue with the premades and that 3 games that counted as my main ladder when i usually play 5v5 premium queue, basically 0.03% was taken as my main league/ladder.

There is no way of altering the ladder visual on the page.


About easily see what league i am in, it’s actually not. It would be easy if it indeed showed the score on my profile as it usually did, but now it doesn’t. There is also a lot of ladders/leagues to go trough to find the one you play in as there is 4 ladders already with the SAME name (Monthly unranked).

This haven’t been optimized to be easy sadly, very confusing and i just noticed this has been brought up before, so i will add this problem to the suggestion board.

Hope you Faceit fix it.

This can be closed now.


Hey @Benya - I have removed a message which you received from Customer Support from your post. Please do not post those conversations on the forums. Thank you.

Also, please keep in mind that 5v5 PREMADE queue doesn’t require paid subscription.