NOPE PREMIUM Already 7 days Scammers


I bought a premium, seven days ago, I did not give it, you are frauds, I will sue you!


Hey! Did you contact our support here or Xsolla here yet?


I bought a subscription to your resource seven days ago, I wasn’t given a premium, I started writing to an intermediary, he confirmed that he sent you money, after that I wrote two tickets here
but did not receive an answer in six days, after which I decided to write to the forum, and only you noticed me, more than seven days had passed, but nothing changes, please consider my complaint, return the money, or give a premium


Hey - it has been 2 days since you submitted your first ticket - not 7 days. As you have no “active” premium you do not have premium support yet.

The forum is not a support website, we have zendesk for that!

Did you contact our payment provider Xsolla? As on your account there has no payment that has gone through, which means no sub was added.