No things in the store


already 5 day as there are no things in the store, I read the rules that every 2 working days are added, but there are not 5 of them already.

I still have to wait 10 days until the thing comes along, so you do not update things for 5 days, so do not ban the offenders, what are you doing? Just being sick to your community


Hi @555-55 - The store is periodically restocked, so keep an eye out for when it is :slight_smile:

The “every 2 working days items are added” doesn’t mean that every two days, the entire store is restocked, just that some items and restocked. We will periodically do larger restocks.


I have a week can more watch for one thing until it is not bought. Its all gone and gone. You do not work as it should, I also need to wait 10 days. And I have not been able to buy this thing for a week or more.