No skins


Hello, for 3 days I am waiting for a skin and exactly a huntsman for 155 thousand points to the present day is exhausted when available, what I am doing, please answer.

Brak skinów na stronie Faceit

I’m not exactly sure what do you mean but items delivery can take up to 10 business days

Take a look here


I mean exhausted items when the huntsman knife will be available for 155 thousand points


What does “exhausted items” means???


there are no items on face when they are exhausted
Kiedy będą dostarczone skórki na stronę bo jest od 3 dni cały czas wyczerpane


I think what you’re trying to say, @Weruk, is that the item you’re currently waiting to purchase is out of stock? The items will periodically restock, so you will have to be patient for a specific item to come back into stock :slight_smile:

Brak skinów na stronie Faceit

i wait for 12 days but nothing is replenished wtf? it’s a scam?