No reason ban!


Hello, I have just been banned for unsportsmanlike behavior, which is unreal, because I didn’t do anything wrong during my previous game. My teammates were flaming me the whole match so I’ve decided to mute them, mostly because it was unplayable for me in 1vX situations. Can you do anything about it?

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You very very seldom get banned for being unsportsmanlike in One game and muting your teammates in a situation where they troll and fmale and act toxic all the time is hardly an unsportsmanlike thing.

The 4 temmates May have united against you because they are jelous of you being more grown up than them and didnt stoop to their level so they might have reported you with blatant (but seriously wored) lies and that Could have gotten you a ban.

I think it would be best if you mailed the support ( ) about it so they can look into it