No 5 queue facit premium?


Me and my friends keep facing cheaters so we all decided to get premium, but it wont let us queue as 5 man with premium???


Ever since CS has become free the amount of cheaters in this client are astronomical. You can literally disable the anti-cheat once youre in the game so it isn’t doing anything productive. Increase the party size of premium queue to at least 4.


Yeah its kind of ridiculous. If you are paying money for a third party queuing software, I’d hope you could at least queue with your friends. Wouldn’t a better way to solve the problem be to have a 5 queue verse other 5 queue exclusively? Seems unfair to outright disable 5 queuing for paying players.


Why you cant queue all 5? You get error or?


You can’t queue with 5 players on premium queue


Solo and duo players that do not want to get matched to play against a premade team is a hot topic and probably the feedback we are getting the most from players in the last few months.

Never knowed that you cant. LUL.
It actually is true because 5 man stack is rare.
In ESEA you can but you cant get as much points as you play solo or duo.
Faceit and ESEA is for fair and solo games.