Nice faceit lobbies


and many same examples…

Wanted to understand on what principle is the selection in the match. wtf?! ridiculous…

When faceit lobbies be better...?!

Hey @DeS.

As far as I know, the matchmaker tries to create balanced matches based on average team ELO.


just watch my profile in faceit… 10 losses in a row… why?! because the lobby in these games was awful - noobs, griefers, toxic and more… 10 in a row!!! - 3 ranks. I mean, it’s all the time 4-5 good game and start… 5-10 rly bad teammates. Faceit lobbies worst for me and thats why i don’t wanna buy premium in here


2-5 games - not so bad, after 5-10 games - very bad, with noobs, toxic and greafers… wtf?!
It’s is like meme: my team (noobs)… enemy team (premade - 70-80%)…
Thats why i don’t wanna buy premium - because faceit lobbies awful. a couple of games and I want to forget all about the existence of faceit. When that shit fixed?


I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. Please use the reporting system built into the match room page at the end of the game.

As for premade lobbies, please note that CS:GO 5v5 PREMIUM queue doesn’t allow premade teams and parties of more than three players to join.

Please note: I’ve moved this thread to Community.


As I understand it, is not much help (report), as the lobby is still often terrible (maybe it’s just my problem) ). As for ‘’ more than three players’’ - this is enough to destroy your stupid team not able/unwilling to play together (if your opponents) or to ruin the entire game shouting, insults and disregard for the members of the team (if you play for your team). And examples is a lot…
Compared to other platform for the creation of a lobby (you know exactly who I’m talking about) here, the percentage of inadequate, stupid, evil and just not able to play much higher, to my great regret. For example, when I was 7 Ranke, there were players who even 2 rank didn’t deserve and this situation in each ranks.