NHL 2018 Gaming World Championship


After seeing the commercial on TV and getting pumped up to play a NHL Tournament for a chance to go to Vegas and to the awards. I booked today off of work to enjoy a fun night of NHL, after the tournament was delayed due to KNOWN Server issues by 30 mins, When it finally launched and showed the first match up, I had contacted and added my opponent due to server issues at the time also, the first round player said he had to go and to give the win to me, after going on to the next round, my opponent and I greeted one another around 6:30PM EST, we then tried to launch our first, game after it failed similar to how the first opponent I was matched against did, we tried again switching hosts, after both of us both getting the issues and contacting an admin whos only solution was to restart the routers/modem, which didn’t work, had been contacting I guess from her message she said the NHL, @ this point my opponent and I had been at this for almost 2 hours now! troubleshooting on our own with very little help other then to restart our modems, after my opponent writes at 8:26PM EST just Give DETHRONE the another opponent I have to go in a few mins, that Admin writes a comment saying that the NHL states since both players are experiencing hosting issues with the same error that they are to Randomly select which player loses in this case, and they chose me! Not only did my opponent just say I could move on but then they kick me out and I didn’t have a chance to discuss or or ask questions, with very little support over the 2 hours of sitting in chat. Not only did I find a solution 20 mins later after reading her comment and seeing what I could maybe be looking into on my end, which is what I had been waiting 2 hrs to do! I could of corrected the issue, not until they finally stated there choice did they give the problem of what the error code was doing which i couldn’t find. I’m just very annoyed and quite embarrassed as I took time off work to play a game, and I couldn’t even compete in a single matchup from 5PM EST - 8:30PM EST when I was the lucky winner chosen to exit the tournament by random selection with out the admin even reading the comments of my opponent! Where he states to give me a win! and after saying that it wasn’t fair, and also a waste of time even though he was moving on. Its just so unfortunate as this is such a great idea and obviously a lot behind it. But I CANT even enter into the tournament on the 7th or 8th now as its full and didn’t even get a fair chance to compete in this one , and gave a lot of my time and effort in doing so and did everything I could to help be sure this issue wasn’t on my end, and dropped when given a solution with out even a discussion after the admins last message, had I been given a chance I could of asked for 5 mins to make the change restart the modem one last time to try, I couldn’t reply anymore as I was given the lose. I just dont know how you can expect the best in the world if people cant even get a fair chance. one top 100 player over years of playing NHL who cant even compete. have screen shots that may be posted at a later time as this is a huge disappointment and made for a rattled Saturday night over lack of admin knowledge and efforts to provide information in 2 hours. gave the most important piece last second before closing the matchup lobby.