NHL 18 PS4 Qualifier


I need to be in the earlier qualifier. Randomly I was switched to the later qualifier and I purposely signed up for the earlier one. I’m not sure why two days beforehand something changed.


Hi @Neely39 - We should be freeing up some spaces tomorrow for player’s who are signed up to both qualifiers. Check back tomorrow to see if you can nab a space in the other Qualifer (and remove yourself from the one you’re currently in once securing a spot).


Is there a time you can tell me tomorrow or I just have to wait for any time? Is there any way it can be an automatic thing where you guys just switch me out? I


You shouldn’t have been in more than qualifier. I don’t know if the team has already gone through, but check back tomorrow and see if some player’s don’t check in.


I’m unsure of an exact time this will happen.


There are still 2 division for qualifying so today is division 1 and on the 14 of April the second division plays is this correct


Hey admin Fronofroon said yesterday to me that there would be another best of 512 round today. Is true ? I couldn’t play the match yesterday as i was working, still i attended this match room. So if there is an another round today. How do I can participate in it? I was in NHLGWC | QUAL | EU | PS4 #1