New Developer Portal Feedback



Congratulations and thanks for the release, very exciting. Here’s a few things I noticed:

Thanks so much


I’d like to append, here are the webhooks I’d be most interested in, it’d be even better to be able to subscribe to them on the Organizer level:

  • Hub match create/update
  • Hub member join/update/leave
  • Hub settings update
  • Hub chat message

On another note:

  • I’d love for the API to return game_player_id, game_player_name and game_skill_level on /hubs/:id/members, would simplify my life

#3 keeps timing out on me :frowning:


Nvm URL changed and I had kept old one bookmarked


Another note:

  • The current rate limit implementation is extremely frustrating, I can understand keeping the non-sequential values but pretty please create buckets for the different APIs (Requesting 1 user shouldn’t have as much cost as requesting 100 hub members), don’t enforce per-developer rates (two different projects have two very different needs and I can’t schedule/plan ahead for both at the same time) and reduce the time ranges (if I make a mistake, I’m punished for an entire hour).
  • Requesting more than 20 matches on any endpoint will force a timeout and respond with a 503


I have the exact same issue and didn’t find a solution - what are we supposed to do when we need to fetch a lot of data at once (player details for many matches / match details for many matches, etc)?