New CoL updates that faceit severely NEEDS

Restriction towards smurfing/brand new accounts

  • All to often you get into a game against someone with 1 previous played game with 3.0 KD who absolutely either smurfs likes its no ones buisness or hes cheating his brains off. this needs to be solved

Limit maximum capable ping on the server
If a player reaches above a certain ping (if you have choosen to play at maximum 50 ping for example)
Kick him. let him reconnect but the ping isnt 50 and below, kick again. some of these players are IMPOSSIBLE to face as they teleport around and that gives them a severely unfair advantage.

Enforce English.
This should be a no brainer. English is the international language across all of Europe. you should not be put in a game where your entire squad is talking russian,spanish,swedish etc without giving you any info in english what so ever. (not to mention when you ask them politely to speak english you get flamed out)

and finally. Add Namechange for real life $.
Why isnt this a thing yet?