New accounts in faceit


Hello. After a year I started playing faceit again. I noticed that in almost every game there is a brand new account, probably not even prime. like 0-100h premaded with someone. Obviously, this guy is top fragging. Few times even his friend was having a godlike info. Most of the times those guys are from russia.
I know faceit has better way better AC than valve, but still there are many cheats that can bypass AC. I play faceit to avoid the same situation that happens in mm that new account 10h on record with prime is boosting friends, then gets banned, but who cares when he can buy another new accounts. A year ago I havent met a single new account and now it’s just a plague.
Could you add an option to play with primes/ 200+matches on faceit or smth like this ? And add a russian servers like developers do in every game.