Negative stats


what is the meaning of negative kills like here:

Is it a bug or has other meaning?

Edit: and also there are some headshot percentage which bigger than 100 like

How a player (KalUtz) can make 4 hs while killing 2 players?


Not sure about the -16 kills

For 4hs and only 2 kills - this could be caused by getting 4 headshots and 2 suicides / teamkills which on the game scoreboard reduces the kills by 2

i.e. When you suicide or teamkill it takes a kill from you on the scoreboard but doesn’t affect the headshots


Thanks for replying. The first question still open however, I need to confirm your explanation via developer because I am getting several situations like this.


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Hi there,
1- CSGO count a suicide as a negative kill, that’s why you see negative kill values for some players.
2- headshots are shots to the head, not necessarily they lead to a kill. That’s why you see percentages bigger than 100.

Hope this can answer your questions!



Thank you for your answer and happy birthday.


Thanks quancore! :slight_smile: