Need Help!



First i need to say sorry for my english.

And now i wanna tell about my problem.


I got account with Counter-strike:Global Offensive, i register on faceit, played a while and after just stoped playing cs:go, so i didn’t used faceit a while, But now when i back. I can’t remember my e-mail for my account, i tried make new faceit account and add cs:go (Counter-strike:Global offensive) to new account, but it’s said “This account used on another account” (Or something like that). So… can i somehow reset my e-mail by my steamID? Or just do something that someone tell me my old email, coz password i know, It’s same almost for every single sites.

I’ll thanks for any help.


Hi @LOLzanoj - If you can’t remember the email to your account, you will need to contact the support team and see if they can verify your account with you to supply you with the info. You can do that by clicking here:

You will also need to ask them to disable your new account as it is a breach of our terms of service to have two FACEIT accounts.