Need duo (ESEA Advanced player)

Im looking for a level 8+ to queue with on faceit, im currently trying to rank up, i am in advanced on ESEA with 100 adr in main last season.

add me on faceit.

Joined ESEA 3/7/2019 and has only 3-3-0 in 3 month LUL. Stop dream about 8+ levels and be more active.

3-3-0 in advanced, lol? do you know how esea works? have you even checked my league history to see my league stats, do you even know what league stats are? and no, ive played like 40 pugs and i have like 16 rws… my whole team is FPL-C and level 10, hop off me when you have no clue what youre talking about. thanks.

ESEA League and Pugs are not the same thing. ESEA League is a league with premade teams, youre own teams… teams vs teams. every 4 months there is a season, you played 16 matches over the course of 3 months, if u have a good enough record u go into playoffs… we are early season, so there has only been 6 scheduled matches so far… FOR LEAGUE. there are players with over 3000 games played and havent played a single game of league, which is what is 3-3-0. as well as ive played over 15 games of league, just only a few for this specific season because it has just started. Now if you go to my Pug stats you can see that i am currently 28-12-5 for pugs in the past 3 months. and that i have 104 ADR and 14 rws on AVERAGE for all of those games combined. Thank you for your input when you have 2337 games played and still level 1.