Need admin

This player on faceit is probably one of the worst toxic player i have ever met and his accounts has over 3400 games played, also a member of the other team said he was also very toxic the game before too.

i would like this guy to be looked into can a admin please message? this is by far getting out of hand with the amount of people playing ranked games and doing THIS CRAP! !!!

yeah i closed the window to fast before i was able to clikc on that.

You still can open room and do that.

not now, didnt know i could. but just did and i g uess the timer ran out.

Ye you need to do this right away after the match.

but like i said, hes probably the most toxic player ive ever seen or played with. it was horrible. unreal… with 3400+ games played on FACEIT… i bet its not even his first time doing this kind of CRAP!

Faceit wount do anything. Everyone is toxic in some point. Just deal with it.

figured. game is dead then if admins wont do anything about it.

There is only Admins who can resolve server issues. You can report or not because reports will not help. Just deal with it.

guess so. ty for the replys