NA Servers & User Accounts


Respectfully, the servers in NA have not been behaving well since the last CSGO update. All three locations: servers are slower and glitchy. We want happy servers please give then some love.

Regarding User Accounts: Since CSGO is free making a new account on steam to create a new account on faceit for the sole purpose of changing your name since it requires points to do so.
Look, its just time to do it: delete all the old inactive accounts - you can even notify your verified vip and premium players first so as they can get dips on their name without numbers and characters, ect.

Its time to make the name change feature on Faceit FREE, no points. This will minimize work for you in the future as it will remove inactive accounts while also preventing thousands of more accounts to be made in the future.

Thank you,


Not sure if its the AC or the servers, something is wrong last match registration was unplayable-
Everyone was getting lag spikes, its pretty bad. Server was Dallas location, but all the NA servers have been running slow.