My mission progress was reset


Hello . I already wrote about this issue but at the first time my missions was changed from Premium to ECS now I got premium missions but my progress is 0/60 I must have 31/60 help me please!


now I won a game and I still got 0/60 please return my 31 wins and now it must be 32


same issue here had about 30 wins grinding next week for the rest and now theyve gone


Now I have 4 missions but my progress still not returned. Please return I already must have 33 wins


i have progress 40/60 wins , and now need win 150 games for 12 days :smiley: rlly?



Same problem with me! Help me! I got a 18/60 and its a zero!


I’ve reached out to the team to see what’s going on and will let you know when I hear something!


Could you please see this thread: Mission Reset Thread