My last game didn't show up in stats

I won a game yesterday on mirage and the win doesn’t appear in my stats. I ve seen there is some topic like mine and i wonder if someone have found a solution.

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Well, i have the same problem, won 2 games (overpass and mirage) and dont have the both games on stats, cant understand it.

Same here. 2 wins… no win showing up…

Is there an official answer to this issue?

They dont have answer… i sent a ticket 2 days ago and no answer…


keep us updated on ur ticket if possible

I have the same problem, I won two games only one of them counted. It doesn’t show up in my match history or count for any elo but for something reason it shows up here:

I have the same problem. I wrote in support and they answered me:

Hey there,
Thanks for contacting FACEIT!
Apologies - we had issues with our stats API yesterday, but this has since been fixed.
The ELO will still be awarded for these “missing” matches though.

But this problem has not been resolved, since the matches still do not appear in the statistics!

Same problem here. My last 3 matches from yesterday are not recorded in my match history, nor are any of my friends. Would be nice if they posted something in the forms and or on Reddit regarding this. Figures it would happen when they were all wins.

Kinda don’t want to play on here anymore now…