My Journey From A Crappy Bronze III to a Grand Champ Getting Closer to the Top 100 In All Playlists


I was mainly a 1s and 3s player. I got placed into low Silver once all the ranks had balanced out. I spent most of my time playing 3s. During season 4, I tried so hard to get to Gold. I played for hours on end making no progress. Looking back, my mechanics were really lacking and positionally, I was the worst ball chaser you could imagine. I didn’t really watch YouTube videos and my friends were probably worse and teaching me how to be bad, not good (since they were bad themselves). Below, I am going to list how I got out of a certain rank and what I did to facilitate that. Ultimately, once I understood the game, I climbed the ranks exponentially. By the middle of Season 7, I was a Grand Champ. I understand the frustrations players face when playing ranked and how they feel like they aren’t climbing because of bad teammates, bad opponents doing stupid and unpredictable things, or a combination of the two or something like that. Players feel like they cannot climb and blame everything but themselves. I went through these frustrations too, but probably much quicker than some other plays getting stuck in Diamond for six months. I think I got lucky and understood how to climb out of these ranks and improve very easily and process that tilt and frustration much more quickly too. PutLocker


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