My faceit premium experience so far


Hey all so recently after getting back into cs I decided to buy premium as I thought this would upgrade my experience but unfortunately, it has been the opposite, the first game I was excited I wanted to grind some wins for the points ofc like anyone else but everyone has the mindset of gg if we lost first round it would then lead to toxic behaviour what really does affect the outcome of the game massively, it was then followed by griefing and giving way info to the other team making it impossible to clutch or gain map control when they are exposing you, I then decided to queue free face it was i found it more playable and people just went on and got the win, at the moment I’m finding it really hard to up my elo and I believe I am playing good but with the constant trolls I cant up my elo so I’m writing this forum to ask if anyone wants to que up and make my experience a lot better: slight_smile:


Hello there Jamie

It sucks that you got That type of experience as your initial experience. If you feel as if they were toxic or griefing in an unacceptable way you should report them with the red thumbs down button after the game and possibly write a note in the text box that will appear afterwards in case he used a Really inapropriate way of being toxic.

I’ve found that the Premium players are more prone positive if you try to keep a good tone and play pretty decent (LifeProTip: If you play good and people flame you should ask the teammates how you can improve, or if anyone wants to switch positions etc :slight_smile:)

The best thing you can do is to play with some people you know aren’t toxic griefers with Leavus Gameus syndrome. That way the Premium experience is if not 100% better a Million times better

If you are 20+ i’d be happy to play with you to show you that there nice (but not the most social dude lol) people here on FaceIT.

Edit: I totally forgot to say Welcome to Faceit Jamie!