My computer breaks every time i download faceit ac and client

yesterday i booted up my pc and faceit would have an error message when i tried opening it. So i just downloaded a new faceit ac and client. It worked fine and i even played some games. But when i turned off my pc and tried logging in this morning, my computer had run into problems and would not let me log on. It said i was having problems and it tried to run automatic repairs but it didnt work. So i went into my computer and ran it on safe mode and spent 4 hours trying to delete files and apps that were potentially dangerous and ran malwarebytes 3 times to no luck. Then i remember how i reinstalled faceit that day prior so i deleted it. To my surprise it worked and my pc was fine. But then i tried reinstalling faceit ac and client again to confirm that was the problem and when it went to restart my pc to finish installation, BOOM, same problem. I want to have faceit ac and client because i play it all the time but something is happening so that I cant play. Please help!