My complaints and bugs about the faceit experience


  • When entering the match lobby, half the people cant see either the chat or the server selection boxes (which causes me and the other to wait for 10 freaking minutes before the match).

  • When someone doesnt connect and I join another match, I cant connect 100% of the times. It just says its retrying connection in console. Ive gotten afk banned for this several times and It´s literally bs.

  • Finnaly, the matchmaking is still unbalanced, because everyone on my team has for instance 10 matches and a terrible KDA and we play against guys with 500+ that have the same faceit level.

In conclusion my mm experience has been bad because of these issues. It takes way to long for the matches to start and when they do start I cant even connect to the server (which isnt my fault since after that I play on community servers ans competetive valve matches without a problem).

Last but not least, Sweden servers are trash for everyone except for the very few that actually live there.


I agree on the two first points. Need to get fixed.

I would also add that the report/thumb down system is broken and causing issues with bias friends/teams.


honestly i have to give you some credit. this is probably one of the few good and well thought out posts of complaints and issues on the forums. kudos


Cheers, hope an admin sees gives it the same credit