Muted everyone in FACEIT CS:GO, no chat or VOIP - HELP



So I have been downloading FACEIT demos to rewatch them and get clips from and I tried to mute the enemy team because their comms were annoying - I now know you can’t mute individual players in demos, only in live matches. Now when I try and play FACEIT premium i can’t hear my team. I have been kicked from matches because they have been trying to communicate and I can’t hear a word. The only way I can play is with a friend in teamspeak. Matchmaking is fine. I can hear everyone there.

So I’m trying to work out what exactly i did. I have tried
voice_enable 1
voice_scale 1
voice_player#_volume 10
voice_unmute #
voice_unmute_player #
voice_unmute player#

Does anyone have any suggestions, other commands I have missed, typos I have made?

Any help is much appreciated


Makes no sense that you can hear in Matchmaking and you cant in Faceit servers.


I know, it is very odd. Maybe Matchmaking resets and FACEIT doesn’t?