Multiple Registrations



I registered for 1A and 1B of the NHL tournament but was removed from 1B?

How can this be if the rules say clearly:
“In order to qualify for the Live Regional Finals, Players can register for any, or all, of the four (4) Online Qualifiers for their region, subject to the terms below.”


I was also removed! Your rules clearly state we can register for one or all tournaments. The first round only had 500 players. Why not let us back in To have a bigger tournament? Please and thank you


If i lose today, can i join qualification 14th april?


This tournament is a pretty big deal and I can’t believe there’s no one here to moderate the forum or answer the email I sent??


I had the exact same issue, quite confused when in their own rulebook it states multiple entries allowed.


Q: I see there are two brackets for my Qualifier. What do I need to do to advance?
A: The Online Qualifier for each region is a single tournament under the same Tournament Rules. In the event an additional bracket was opened for the Online Qualifier in your region, players will be randomly seeded in the applicable bracket and must win out the entire bracket. The winners of the two brackets will each qualify for the Regional Finals but will play a deciding match to determine seedings for the Live Regional Finals (see Section 3 – “Qualification Process” in the Official Rules). Based on your schedule, you may switch your entry from one bracket to the other.

Please note: If your regional open qualifier for a given weekend has two separate brackets, indicated by an additional “B” bracket, you may only participate in one or the other. You may not play multiple qualifier brackets per weekend.

Can you enter multiple qualifiers?>

Will I be able to join tournament #2 if I was eliminated from 1?