Multiple accounts ban


I can get a multiple accounts ban only when 1 of my account will be banned?


Multiple accounts are not permitted on FACEIT so the user will be left with one account active and any multiple account banned.


Oh, hello again. Hope you remember me. How can Faceit ban my other accounts? Because, if you dont remember, mail attached to faceit account is no longer mine(of 2nd account, not my main). Should i write to faceit support?


You cant share multiple Faceit accounts with one PC. You will get multiple acc ban.


So i need to write a request to Faceit support or what? I play csgo only on 1 my faceit account


Faceit support cant do anything, this is rules. Connect multiple games to one Faceit account. Simple as that.


But i already have multiple accounts, what can i do?


System will ban you soon or later.

Next time read rules.


next time?? i play on this account about 5 months


Can faceit just ban my other accounts and left only this account?


System will not ban your first (Main) account.


Can i sent request to faceit to ban my other accounts?


I said its nothing to do with support. Thats why there are system that do this auto.


why im not already banned then?


People get VAC bans even after year. You cant expect system to check million accounts that fast.


its end for this account right?


As I dont know when you should get ban but thats how it works.


if its the end. how can i make a new account to play csgo and dont get a multiple account ban?


Connect multiple games to one Faceit account.
There are multiple reports people get ban because they play in Internet caffe. Multiple accounts in one PC is just not permitted.


But if i dont have a game on account but it connected to other steam account?