Mouse lag


I have problem with mouse lags, it just doesnt want to go smoothly, couldn’t explain it, but its hard to play with it. When i play Fortnite,PUBG, or CS:GO Match making it doesnt exist, but when im on faceit it does. I suppose it is from you anti cheat, any suggestions on how to fix it ? Thank alot


I think you need to educate yourself before you complane about something.


I am reading some answers waiting for mine, you dude have a problem with atidude. Definetly going to report you because from your awnsers it is clear what and who you are. Thanks for the reply


Because of AC your mouse has issues. I gave you same dumb response.


Either you got poorly raised by your parents or you are just having alot stress with answering this forum all day, and either way it is not my problem. When i ask you something with decent manners i expect you to do it also, that is called being polite. If your parents didnt teach you that i quess i will have to, and plus it is your job, probbably geting paid for it, so be quiet and help the customer. And it isnt mouse outside of the game, which I explained, it is crosshair that from time to time isnt working smoothly as it is supposed to, like when I am playing the same game CS:GO on match making. Only diffrence when i play faceit is that you have to activate your anti cheat, thats why i suppose the problem is in that. Since you didn’t gave me answer that i needed i suppose you either dont know the answer so i will contact faceit support, to get an awnser from someone a little bit more educated. Thank you very much