More options for matches, tired of toxic players


Hello, i would like to give feedbacka bout new options on faceit.

Tired of playing with toxic players everytime (faceit have the worst toxic community of csgo) i would like to have some possibilities in options.

1- add option to kick players when they are trolling, griefing etc …
2- add option to block player (muted him, reduce the possibility to play with him, like ESEA)
3- add option to call admin on server, he will be able to see what it happen in the game and ban (temporarily or definitely) a player.
4- add trust factor or something like that to have the possibilty to play with good players. if you are a toxic player and other players report you often, you will play with some other toxic players, and if you are a good player you will pla with other good players.

please do something because faceit is becoming a ToxicLand. Even with premium accounts I found to much toxic players. so please do something for your good community ^^

thank you