More Maps


Would really like to see more maps added to the pool mainly Brutes maps found here such as Tuscan and Russka. Season, Contra, and the old CPL maps would also be a really cool add. I Would really like to see the old 1.6 and source competitive maps that are no longer in play added to the pool to add more variety and more competition. Playing Mirage and cache over and over again gets really repetitive and boring.


If you want play for fun I suggest go back to MM!


fun? these maps were highly competitive… I’ve been playing since source days I suggest you learn new maps before shit posting


You see these maps in tournaments?! NO. And thats how it is.


LOL Please go troll somewhere else


You have over 1k matches and still bronze level 1. You have no room to comment about tournaments or competitive play


Salty. I love it.


toxic i love it