Molotov / Friendly Fire off



Molotov Meta in CSGO PUB
This is simple… Two or Three player throw a molotov to a strait place, and the others push it trough. You need to get out of fire, because you will die, and the enemy can stand in it and shoot you down…
This is ridiculous and would be bannable…
I experienced it in 9/10 match in faceit…


Hey @R31nh4rdt - There is another thread about friendly fire, please take a look at it:


I’m between faceit lvl5 - 7.
Cobblestone: 3 molly to drop… we need 2 man who defend it, one from B, one from connector
Mirage: Molly on B apartman, VAN, and/or Bench…
Cache: molly to sites
Inferno: Banana, and then B site
and they find the way in every map… and the problem is not with the molotovs… the molotovs have a tactical power, but they are push it trough without any penalty