I’m a developer and I set notifications for messages in the Developer category, I’m attempting to build a product and feedback from any official FACEIT developer could help me greatly, alas it’s spammed with non-developer talk/requests.
Would it be possible at all to have stricter moderation? I’d love to offer my help.



Do you have an example of this? I’m not quite sure what it is you mean by non-developer talk/requests? Do you have some specific links to threads that it sent you?


I assume players assume that, when they have an issue on the site, they’re meant to address a FACEIT developer when what they’re really looking for is something like User Feedback or


Ah yeah, so this isn’t really a moderation issue. Even if we moved the thread as soon as they were created, users who had subscribed to the Developer forums would still receive notifications about it :frowning:


Good point, that’s fine, I can deal with it :slight_smile: Thanks