Mistaken Multi-Account Permament ban


Hello! My friend was given a permanent ban for a multi-account! In theory, such bans are given when you play in turns with several accounts and so you rise in the league. But my friend was banned because he created a friend’s account, bought a counter and created Faceit. And let him play. To verify that this is not a multi there is a lot of evidence. We played the tournament together yesterday. By the way, he bought himself a Premium. If you need any screenshots, correspondence or confirmation of not a multi-account. We can provide this. And does it remove when it is confirmed that it’s not really a ban account! Because there was money spent and we played honestly.

And is it possible to talk with the administration in person to provide data

If there are errors or misunderstandings, then write.


Hi @MICH39 - You will need to submit a support ticket for this, and speak directly with the team: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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If we prove that the ban was erroneous it can be removed?


That is entirely up to the support team to decide. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to give you any ideas about what they will decide on this matter.