Mistake. anti-cheat not included

Hello . I am from Ukraine and can make mistakes in writing this text. so sorry.
problem in anti-cheat ? or not …
it all started last week.
I wake up, turn on the PC, turn on steam and anti-cheat .
finds a game of faceit and turn on cs go
I enter the lobby I prescribe two commands in the console :
cl_interp 0
fps_max 999
I prescribe the server in the console
pressing enter. that’s what it writes to me https://imgur.com/a/oovcZHx
on the top screen you see anti-cheat enabled.
and below my error after prescribe the server
Is my problem solvable?
I’m already afraid to enable the search because they can block access for a day
Yesterday I tried to completely remove anti-cheat and reinstall . and could play and there were no mistakes .
and today I did everything again as before and here is the result
I apologize again. for my bad english