hello!! guys help me if u can…i cant play 150 games in 1 mounth cuz im working no time for 150 games mission… can you please fix missions to 100 for 100k faceit points nad i will play all the time missions…150 games imposible when im working…please answer me or give me 100 games for 100k f points mission…ty


“As we are still in the beta phase for FACEIT Missions, we are still testing a lot of elements surrounding the Missions. Each player currently has two Missions: one small and one large. The large one may seem unattainable to some players, while others may be able to breeze through it. We are collecting all of this data and it will help to improve the FACEIT Missions programme in the future.”


You should have gotten 2 missions. One with a small amount of wins, the other one with a higher amount.
They can’t change the missions for you. (It’s still in beta testing)


ty…i know some ppl can do this missions cuz they dont working…its imposible for me do 150 games in 1 mounth…a lot of ppl will play missions if u gonna change 150 to 100 for 100k…its imposible for me and other ppl who got a job…but ty for answering me…ill wait to 100 games so much


There are 10 and 60 win missions, where you get 150?


lol some ppl get a 200 games mission…


Provide screenshot that you have 150 match mission.



God deam. There is no way you will get 150 wins at end of a month. Ok 20 but 150 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. I will contact to support mby someone is smoking.


btw just once i win 150 games mission…but then i has no job…it was soooo hard dude


I mean 150 wins its just too hard. Even if your not working.


yeah dude…its so hard


They should add mission like 60 win for 12500 for example.