Missions for CSGO

Hello I LOVE the Faceit missions, it motivates me to play even when I’m going through a rough patch on CSGO however, a great feature would be if you could choose from a variety of missions. I am aware that it’s still in beta stage and it’s random for each user which set of missions they get. For example, my mate wins 60 games for 12,500 points, I can win 40 games for 10,00. I just thought it would be a nice addition to Faceit if I could choose how many wins I think I’ll be able to gain for the set amount on points because I will never have the time to win 200 games for the massive amount of Faceit point offered but if I could get 40,000 for a 100 wins I would try my best to achieve that for example :slight_smile:

Great addition though, keep up the good work. KEEPING CSGO ALIVE