Mission system


i´m level 10 and also friend is level 10 and he got like a mission whit “Win 40 matches and earn 10000 faceit points” and i´m level 10 and i only get 2500 faceit points for win 40 games… Nice!


Hello @Wes ,

People were assigned different missions due to their length of time and activity on FACEIT and various other reasons.
The missions are in beta and are experimental. Depending on your play time and FBI score you can get higher missions


Ugh no. This is wrong.

Missions were basically assigned randomly and will not change any time soon. If you were given the horrid “Win 150 games” like I did, you are stuck with it where as some people lucked out and got far easier ones like the “Win 40 games” ones.


This support article should clear things up: