Mission Reset Thread


Это повлияло на меня


This affected me


This affected me


me too … no changes


Это повлияло на меня


This affected me as well it was for 10 wins suddenly changed to 20 and it was 0 kindly check


When they correct the mistake?


this affected me.
today is the first time I reply here, no problem solvet yet


This affected me


No changes!


Everyone that has commented to this point should have their missions fixed.


This affected me :slightly_smiling_face:


nope. i have 36 wins and now 26
and my missions csgo are hidden
can you do smthng?>
i buy prem aq weak ago


I, too, flew missions 12 days ago. I created a topic on the forum. But there was no answer. After dropping victories in the mission, I made 30 victories. It would not be bad to give me back those victories. But at the same time that would be my new for 12 days of victory did not disappear))

This affected me


Well, when will the missions be returned in the amount of 60 wins in a month. and the correct calculation of victories.? as it was from the beginning of April, tomorrow is the last day of the month


This affected me.


If I have a premium mission, I have already won 18 games, and only 10 wins are calculated. Games do not count victories anymore


This affected me