Missing some matches in API


Dear support,

I have faced an issue today that not all PUBG matches are getting returned by Faceit API. For example we don’t see this match in match history of the players: https://www.faceit.com/ru/pubg/room/1-5afead98-09ef-4b25-a854-3bc6eeb74ac2/scoreboard

Request: https://open.faceit.com/data/v4/players/1a002ace-d65c-49f4-9469-ce88ed4f2252/history?game=pubg&offset=0&limit=20

Missing matches from players/history-endpoint (Data API v4)

Hi Dyrem1,
let me investigate on this.
I’ll get back to you soon.



Hi Dyrem1,
we found the glitch that caused this issue, now it’s fixed and it will not happen again.
Unfortunately, the match is “gone” for that player’s history.