Missing players


When I get match statistics, some mathes includes less than 10 player. This number can even be dropped 5, which all players is in winning side. What is the all possibilities for player stats coming from a match?


Give more details what you meant.
As I can see your new player. I suggest play more matches to know how Faceit platform works.
It can be due to kick, leave etc.


I am not a player bu a developer who are not playing cs:go. This is a task for me so I need to know what is the possible range of number of player for a match?


5vs5, 1vs1 for hubs, tournaments


I am only retrieving tournaments. The case also valid for tournament matches. If yes, total number of players in a match can range in 2 to 10?


5vs5 only. In rare tournaments 1vs1. There are no range. As a dev why you even care about this?


Because I am receiving arbitrary number of players.For example check this out from your data api (get match statistics) id=e9669448-d725-4132-adc6-5c1b3ea05c7f. When I query it, it returns me 5 players who all of them is in winning side. THis kind of consistencies breaks the program.


I never see use of api because limit is 10k requests per hour. You need to test yourself because in here you get late answers from devs.


I think it is a bug to solve from devs. Provided a case and waiting for response.


Hi quancore,
can you provide us more info about it?
Are you still experiencing these issue?



Yes the problem still exist.

  1. go to --> https://developers.faceit.com/docs/tools/data_api
  2. run a request using match stat field with data api (id = e9669448-d725-4132-adc6-5c1b3ea05c7f)

As you can see, the match is 5vs5 however, there is no player for one team.


Hi quancore,
I see that there are a lot of AFK in this match here.
Let us investigate on this match to see what stats the game returned to us.

I’ll let you know



As far as I know, players that leave before the end do not appear in the final stats

Is this because the stats are the same as the scoreboard at the end of a game? So it would only have 6 players if those 4 people left before the game ended + ignoring the bots