Microphone on Faceit server does not work



microphone on Faceit server does not work
what to do?


Mby helps


My microphone doesn’t work on faceit. And in MM works


Actually there are no answer. Need to see in person otherways…


It is when connecting the anti-faceit reader that the microphone does not work everywhere, even in public.


If issue still persist go and request support ticket.


I do not have in the steam tab “voice”


You are using the CSGO ingame voice, it has nothing to do with the “faceit server”


You showed Steam chat voice settings!
Issue must be in ingame settings.


True, just showing where there can be conflicts.
By having same hotkey for steamfriends and ingame could make a conflict, at least that was a problem before… they might have fixed it now though.

Anyway i already stated it’s ingame voice.