Microphone detected but not working


Hi guys, i just played my first game on faceit and i found out that my microphone was not working.

It works perfectly fine on csgo servers and other voice chats.

Does anyone know why ? And if they’ve got the solution ?

Thanks in advance


Take a look at Windows -> down in right corner you should see the volume icon, right click on it and click on “recording devices” there you mark the device you want to use as default for microphone then you press “Set default”.

In steam you press “steam” top left corner then press settings then the tab “voice” there you press "detect audio devices " and then change to the desired microphone and hit okey.

After you have done this join a game and open console and write “Voice_enable 1” (without the quotes)

Then if it still not working try change the keybinding to the voice activation via settings in csgo & in steam voice settings and try again.