Mic not appearing in Faceit


So this may be a bit weird to explain. When I play MM and my teammates talk, at the bottom left of my screen it shows the picture and name of the person who is talking.

However, when I play faceit matches, it doesn’t show. I have no idea what teammate is saying what. I can hear them, I’m just not sure who is talking. Which even though its not a huge deal, it helps me because if that guys making callouts on the same bombsite, I can identify them faster.

Anyways, does anyone know a fix to this? I can upload screenshots if needed. I’m just sorta annoyed and would love to know who’s talking to me. lol


Is it always like this when you are playing FACEIT or does it happen from time to time? Have you tried to press Y or whichever key you have bound to use in-game text chat? This is what helps me with the issue while watching demos.


Sometimes it helps to change your in-game resolution for some reason.

Esc->Video Options->Resolution-> Change it and change it back to what you had before


I had the same problem yesterday. i have not done any config changes. Update: not seen today. but i sometimes have problems that +showscores dont work but reset the video fixes that.


Create a text document on your Desktop with the following text

net stop audiosrv
net stop AudioEndpointBuilder
net start audiosrv
net start AudioEndpointBuilder

save it as ResetAudio.BAT

That might not be the most logical solution (It resets your sound driver by unloading it and then loading it again, it wont mess with the drivers at all so don’t worry about that) but that has solved a sound issue i had where my own microphone didnt work and there was no mic icon or sound coming from my mic ingame but the mic worked in Ableton Live etc.

Its worth a shot if the resolution change fix doesn’t work.

E: You can also write it manually in Powershell (win+X->PowerShell) / cmd (win+r->cmd)