Melbourne Servers


Just wanted to give some insight into the OCE servers.

As someone playing from New Zealand (The South Island) with a good internet connection, the faceit servers have a natural delay of around 45 ms to Sydney. But that jumps up to over 60 ms (mine is about 63) for the Melbourne servers which is a significant difference. Not only that but the Melbourne servers seem to be more inconsistent in comparison to the Sydney servers, although that may just be due to my added delay. I also see that overall, many player’s latency would also increase from around 5-20 (probably located around Sydney) to over 40, with a small minority having less than 20.

I’m just suggesting that the Melbourne servers be removed to allow for a more balanced and equal enviroment for such faceit matches. As if you’re located in Melbourne, The difference in ping for that of a New Zealander could be as much as 60 in the best case resulting in a huge advantage.

Even so, I notice that most Australians seem to have an added delay as well, which I guess is due to the small proportion of players actually from around Melbourne.

Final Suggestion, if the Melbourne servers were not to be removed, it would seem fair to add NZ servers to balance the huge diffenece presented by the Melbourne servers, Only having Sydney servers would still be more viable due to costs etc.